Yanai Segal // “Walkway”

Yanai Segal’s “Walkway” is an invigorating,  mysterious exhibition  at The Jerusalem Artists’ House . This is not only the chance to view a special talent; this exhibit also offers a unique artistic experience for the viewer.

The site-specific installation turns the gallery space into a catalyst for its audience’s reception.  White gravel covering the floor creates a  pathway, guiding viewers through this aesthetic sequence.

Photo by Youval Hai, courtesy of The Jerusalem Artists’ House

Featuring pieces evocative of Yanai Segal’s ouvre, the viewer encounters symbols which are commonplace in Jerusalem and Jewish culture.  Most are also associated with spiritual significance.  Segal reinvents these pieces, magnifying their monumental impressions upon us.

The mediums used in this exhibit are surprising.  Hamsas which the artist meticulously sculpted from concrete; other works feature the use of gravel, plastic and sharp chunks of Styrofoam.

Hamsa, 2015, concrete 32 X 32cm.  Photo courtesy of The Jerusalem Artists’ House.

Yanai Segal has a special connection with design and architecture. He is inspired  by a desire to  link historic with modern, experiential with realization. His questions  come fashionably into life with this exhibition.

“Walkway”  is open until Saturday, December 26th, 2015.  Highly recommended by yours truly!

More information regarding this exhibition can be found here: http://www.art.org.il/?lang=en

More information and work by Yanai Segal: http://en.theartlab.co.il/yanai-segal/

Curator: http://sallyhaftel.com/exhibitions.asp

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