Menorah Graffiti Project

Jerusalem is a growinnngggggg city!

Fortunately for Jerusalemites, this means cultural growth, new opportunities, attraction and appreciation. And, unfortunately, the coinciding, never-ending consequences of construction.

Yes, Jerusalem residents (and visitors alike) are plagued with the imprudent noises of drills and hammers; and the deluge of ugly construction sites from one corner of our city to another.

A cool new  project is about to change that: The Menorah Graffiti Project.



Currently in the process of being built in the center of Jerusalem is The Jerusalem Art Campus, on the corner of Betzalel and Trumpledor streets. The Campus will be the site of selected art  institutions:  Sam Spiegel film school, Nissan Nativ acting school and The Center for Middle Eastern Classical Music.

What sets The Jerusalem Art Campus’ construction site apart from other current developments is that in the midst of it’s construction, it has become one huge gallery of commissioned street art.


Using the temporary fences of this construction site as empty canvases, a number of Israeli artists have come together to display their site specific works.





This is The Menorah Graffiti Project, a product of the Jerusalem Municipality in conjunction with Eden Company. And it’s only a pilot – the innovative team has plans to continue –  using the building momentum of Jerusalem to display unique street art and attracting established artists from all over the country.




So if you are in Jerusalem, you must visit! And expect to see newer sites throughout the city soon covered in the vibrant work. The results are just awesome. From these dull, dusty construction sites are born a brilliant display of art, life and color. For many, this is an introduction to the ever-trendy language of street art!




The artists participating in this project are (with their respective instagram names):

dioz: @dioz
Elna: @eln4
Faluja: @faluja
Gab: @gabvisuals
Holy era: @holy_era
jacktml: @jack_tml
klone: @kloneyourself
kobi vogman: koba_signs
Manyyearsago: @manyyearsago
Pesh: @peshtoosh
Signor_g: @signor_gi
Untay: @boazsides_untay
Tomas Goldsmit: @tomasgoldsmit
Guma: @gumaranks














For more information about the Menorah Graffiti Project, click here.
Photo credits: Oz Barak

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