Musrara Mix Tour: Terra Incognita

The MusraraMix Festival is an international multidisciplinary event that takes wplace in the borderline neighborhood of Musrara, initiated and produced by the NaggarMultidisciplinary School of Art and Society, Musrara. The festival is a hub of artistic and social happenings, embodying the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem and Israel.


Each year, the Musrara Mix is curated based on a theme, the theme for the 17th year of the festival is Terra Incognita – A Hybrid World of East and West.

Join CAIJ the last night of the festival for a special evening guided tour!

Purchase tickets.

More on “East and West” are relative concepts originating from the field of geography. However, over the years, these concepts have become charged with cultural, social and economic meanings, which have been imbibed with changing world views. The hegemony of the so-called West has shaped a world view that sees a particular order wherethere is an advanced Western First World and a Third World (East, South), which lags behind and lacks the culture and technology of the First World. This concept has dominated throughout modern history and has determined prevailing attitudes towards culture and art that comes from non-Western cultures. Art originating from the so-called Third World has generally been defined as inferior, basic, “oriental” or “primitive”.


As a continuation or improvement on the dichotomy between colonialist Western culture and Eastern culture, there is a hybrid concept that refers to a cultural “encounter”, where each one affectsthe other, resulting in a cross between the two. Contrary to the East-West dichotomy, it is possible to see the absorption of Eastern values and cultural characteristics into the Western world and vice versa.

The Musrara Mix Festival this year addresses these processes and gives place to the diverse and hybrid voices that range along the cultural spectrum between East and West, North and South, advanced technology and shamanism, combinations that convey an experience of the hybrid situation,a liminal situation, and the move towards a new worldand multi-cultural worldview.


Guided Tour Details: 

*A guided tour of the multidisciplinary Musrara Mix Festival 17 – פסטיבל מוסררה מיקס 17.
*Hosted by CAIJ & Musrara Naggar Multidiscplinary School of Art & Society – tour led Jenna Romano.
*Cost is 50NIS, includes tour & a beer, of course ;).
*Tour held in English.
*Space is limited to 15 persons, get tickets in advance!
*Meeting spot: Entrance to the Naggar School of Art, HaAyin Het St. 9.
Jenna Romano 052-298-7882,

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