Medusa and Narcissus

Written by Reena Baras

At the end of each academic year, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem holds its annual Graduate Exhibition. In Medusa and Narcissus, BFA graduate artist Ronny Almagor explores themes of observation and reflection throughout her paintings. There are ten pieces encompassing the exhibition — each painted with oil on canvas.  The paintings are all unique in their own way, but each carry with them the theme of surrealism through their hues of dark blues and almost mirror-like reflections, in order to reference her subjects, the mythical characters of Medusa and Narcissus.

Ronny Almagor- Narcissus
Ronny Almago, Narcissus, oil on canvas

The exploration of what is perceived in Almagor’s art creates a unique and calming spectacle. The analogical way upon which this is portrayed activates the subconscious, imagination, and finally the conscious mind. Visitors feel as if they are walking through a field of dreams, colored in blue memories of something once forgotten…yet just beyond reach.

Ronny Almagor- Untitled (4 color shape)
Ronny Almagor, “Untitled”, oil on canvas
Ronny Almagor- Dusk1
Ronny Almagor, “Dusk”, oil on canvas

Works of sealed and transparent layers reveal shadows of the shapes of Narcissus, but these shadows remain obscured in a faded background with the subtly interwoven style of her works. There is an ancient Greek myth about Narcissus, upon which he stared into his own reflection from a great body of water with such love and admiration that it lead to his own peril.

Ronny Almagor- Jewel of Io
Ronny Almagor, “Jewel of Lo”, oil on canvas

Almagor’s other subject, Medusa, is manifested in paintings which cover themselves, disappearing and reappearing their presence throughout her canvas. In the ancient  Greek story of Medusa, those who would gaze directly upon her would turn to stone. Yet, those who looked from a reflective surface, such as a mirror, could essentially see her without suffering from her evil powers. 

Ronny Almagor-0 The Diamond Behind the Mirror1
Ronny Almagor, “The Diamond Behind the Mirror”, oil on canvas
Ronny Almagor- The Diamond Behind the Mirror2
Ronny Almagor, “The Diamond Behind The Mirror 2”, oil on canvas

For those who wish to drift into a world where the subconscious is able to meet memories in this long forgotten world of myths and contemplation about the sense of self, this exhibition comes highly recommended.

Ronny Almagor- Fountain
Ronny Almagor, “Fountain”, oil on canvas

Ronny Almagor is an artist who lives, and predominantly works in Givatayim. She graduated this year with her BFA from Bezalel Academy and is showcasing her work for the Graduate Exhibition now on view Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem. She has also showcased works at Presenting Paintings, Gallery Under 1,000, Tel Aviv.

See more of Ronny’s work at, and check out the artist’s ongoing online exhibition at;

About the author: Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, Reena Baras moved to Jerusalem in 2015. Reena studied for her BA in early childhood and special education from Montgomery College in Maryland and works as a resource teacher, swim instructor, and freelance artist. In the fall, Reena plans to complete her BA in Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University.Reena is a contributing journalist for


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