Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Insights From The Inside |The exhibition Insights From The Inside marks a turning point in Batya Rosenak’s work. Figurative images of cobwebs, eyeballs, aerial photographs and sections of urban landscape appear for the first time. Rosenak’s action painting begins with a game wherein the artist plays with her material — the thought, analysis, and understanding of what happened in the images come in the next stage. Her work is characterized by unconventional combinations of techniques and materials, including wood, paper, paint, fire, glue, charcoal, pigments and more.Gallery Talkwith the artist Monday January 14, 20:00 at Agripas 12 Gallery, Agripas St. 12. For more info, click here


Gallery Talk: I, Lodërit |Dvora Cohen’s first solo exhibition spans painting, sculpture, and video. Her paintings depict domestic setting: a room, furniture, greenery, etc. The video works depart from the domestic sphere and subsequently – depart from the urban sphere to nature — Cohen’s life and art are underlain by a constant tension between the mundane and the mythical. Gallery Talk with the artist on Tuesday, January 15, 18:00 at Jerusalem Artists House, HaNaggid St. 12. For more info, click here

Dvora Cohen, Untitled, 2018, video.

Exhibition Opening: The Collector’s Bedroom | The exhibition The Collector’s Bedroom is curated as an installation that echoes the experience of encountering a collection that revolves around the bedside of the art lover, collector and gallery owner Oded Shatil. The exhibition follows the stations in the way of the art works from the studio to the bedroom, where they blend with the dreams of those who sleep in the bed. From there, they continue to the public space, Beit Hansen Gallery. For every artwork, it is a continuous journey of separations, which gets its meaning from the emerging relationship with the new environment, far from the dreams and intentions of their creators. In their movement between the private and the public, the artworks continue to maintain an intimate relationship with their viewer. Exhibition Opening, Wednesday January 16, 19:30 at Hansen House, Gdlyahu Alon St. 14. For more info, click here

שחר מרקוס, ידי שוקולד, 2004 ,אוסף עודד שת
Shahar Marcus, “Chocolate Hands”, 2004, Oded Shatil Collection.

Exhibition Opening: Legal Implications of a Dream (Elinora’s Dream): The video work “Elinora’s Dream” was made during Goda Palekaitė‘s (b. 1987, Vilnius) stay in Jerusalem, in partnership with the artist Elinora Schwartz (b. 1960, Israel). It is a part of “Legal Implications of a Dream” – a performative exhibition whose various parts are displayed during December and Januray at ArtCube Artists’ Studios in Jerusalem and RawArt Gallery  in Tel Aviv. The exhibition as a whole originates in Palekaitė’s long-term research into the history and mythology of the Khazars, a mysterious medieval culture that had once existed between the Caspian and the Black Seas. Exhibition Opening Thursday, January 17, 19:00 at Art Cube Artists Studios, HaUman St. 26 floor 3. For more info, click here

Goda Palekaite and Elinora Schwarz, Elinora’s Dream, video, 14 min, 2018


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