Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Exit | Exit is a series of photographs documenting moments before, during and after the releasing of people from a mean of transport. Blikman carries an analogue camera and document the disagreeable moment of exiting a confined space. Bodies are being contained, carried, retained, restrained, and soon to be released from inside a ferry-boat.Through the use of a camera, she protects her body and her perception from the intense brevity of the inevitable Exit she will need to endure. Gallery Talk Tuesday May 21st, 20:00 at The Art Cube Artists’ Studios, HaUman St. 26, floor 2. For more info, click here.

Photo by Yoanna Blikman

Exhibition Opening: Larve Society for Psychical Research |On the occasion of the WorldGoth Day on May 22 (started in 2009), the Larva Society for Psychical Research will relocate to the Jerusalem Artists House for three months to explore the potential of the work of art as a medium for spiritualist activity. Established in 2012, the Society brings artworks by artists both living and dead together, applying transmitter forces to them—objects which enable communication between matter (the work of art) and anti-matter (the spiritual world). By means of a séance gathering, pseudo-scientific research, and supernatural activity, Larva exposes romantic Gothic values concealed in the works: emotion, kitsch, the grotesque body, lack of control, horror, love, torment, eternal life, spectres, popular science, science fiction, and alchemy. Exhibition Opening Wednesday May 22nd, 20:00 at Jerusalem Artists House, Shmuel HaNaggid St. 12. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: Shaar Hagai | A solo exhibition featuring the works of Avishai Platek who is a graduate of the Fresh Paint Art Fair’s Greenhouse incubator program. The wildlife paintings in Platek’s series have undergone three incarnations until they reached their current form. The photographs became oil paintings in their second incarnation and finally the painting were printed for this exhibition in significantly larger scale than the first two productions.Exhibition Opening and event Thursday May 23rd, 20:00 at BlackBox outdoor gallery, Yafo St. 97. For more info, click here.

59542550_1634362113374404_5810010021752209408_o Gallery Talk: Biennale Mania | This talk on the occasion of the Pyrotechnix exhibition catalogue release will be given by art critic and lecturer Keren Goldberg will center around the concept of huge exhibitions which in recent years have reached inflation and function as communal ceremonies in celebration of the religion that is alternative, to the institution itself, not without economical and political interests and implications. The lecture will present a brief historical overview of the phenomenon, and will question the nature of the art displayed in these exhibitions, and their connection with their host cities.  Gallery Talk Thursday, May 23rd, 20:00 at at The Art Cube Artists’ Studios, HaUman St. 26, floor 2. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Closing:  Her Dress, Her Symbol  | The exhibit “Her Dress, Her Symbol: Antea Revisited” with a large number of female – and male – participants, opened on April 4,2019 in two adjacent Jerusalem galleries – Agripas 12 and Marie. Her Dress, Her Symbol: Antea Revisited examines the subject of the dress in a gender perspective, while recalling a unique phenomenon in the Israeli art scene, the work of the Antea Gallery for feminist art. Closing Event and exhibition  tour Saturday May 25th, 12:00 at Gallery Agripas 12, Agripas St. 12 (through the courtyard). For more info, click here

Exhibition View, photo by Shlomo Serry

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