Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Exhibition Opening: File Raiders | The exhibition File Raiders is the first joint exhibition of the artist couple, Shir Raz and Tom Azaria. The exhibition materialized following their unexpected discovery of Jason’s Tomb near their apartment on Alfasi Street in Rehavia, Jerusalem. Over an extended period of time, Shir and Tom examined various segments of information about the tomb which they found through their research of different textual and visual resources. The result is the product of an ongoing process of delving deeply into archives and digital files, containing subject matter often unrelated to the context. The installation, which comprises sketches, murals, photographs, video, and sculpture, raises questions about photography, death, research and manipulation. Exhibition Opening Tuesday May 28, 20:30 at Beita Gallery, Yafo St. 155. For more info, click here.

שיר רז ותום עזריה, פרט ממיצב 'שודדי קבצים' בביתא

Exhibition Opening: Golden Ring | The exhibition Golden Ring will display a project by Orit Ishai. The project has the same name of a work she created as part of an artist’s residency program in the Art Cube’s artists’ workshops in 2017. In a video created by Ishai, a series of Jerusalem songs are sung by local residents. The subjects bring thoughts, aspirations and doubts about where they live, and do so gracefully, but without saving criticism. Exhibition Opening Tuesday May 28, 19:00 at Art Cube Artists Studios, HaUman St. 26, floor 3. For more info, click here


Exhibition Opening: Musrara Mix – Displacement | The MusraraMix Festival is an international multidisciplinary event that takes place in the borderline neighborhood of Musrara, initiated and produced by the Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society. The festival is a hub of artistic and social happenings, embodying the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem and Israel. Every year the festival is based around one theme. The 19th year of the festival is the year of Displacement – developmental processes of transformation, reproduction, and liberation. The event includes performance, gallery exhibitions and outdoor art installations. Exhibition Dates: Tuesday May 28-Thursday May 30, 19:00-23:00, at multiple venues surrounding the Musrara School, HaAyin Het St. 9. For more info, click here. ** For information about our tours of Musrara Mix click here.

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Exhibition Opening: Nine MeasuresIn the Babylonian Talmud, the Sages say that “Ten measures of beauty descended on the world, nine measures fell on Jerusalem and one was divided between the rest of the whole world“.  In the exhibition Nine Measures, artist Ruth Schreiber presents a corpus of artworks from different periods inspired by the environment in which she operates. Her works are repeated attempts to decipher Chazal’s intention as she offers an interpretation of her own. Through photography, video, painting, sculpture and embroidery, she produces a series of short stories and provides a personal, mostly urban, visual lexicon. In the exhibition, the city of Jerusalem is used as a platform, a means of achieving hidden insight into oneself, and is related neither to beauty nor to any attempt at physical actualization. Exhibition Opening Wednesday, May 29 19:00, at Agripas 12 Gallery, Agripas St. 12 (through the courtyard) for more info click here.

Office, 1983, inkjet print, 33X50 cm - 33X50 cm משרד, 1983, הזרקת דיו
Ruth Schreiber, “Office”, Inkjet, 1983.

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