Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene

Gallery Talk and Event: Act The Victim | During his stay in LowRes Jerusalem, Paribartana Mohanty (from New Delhi) will continue with a new chapter of his long term project titled Act the Victim, a performative project staged as a public audition. Mohanty invites audiences for an evening of Indian food and storytelling. He will cook, tell stories related to his long term performative project, and invite audience members to share stories with him. Mohanty’s research in Jerusalem will focus on the Jewish mythology of the Dybbuk and its relation to the Indian mythology, and to the concept of the victim. Gallery Talk Monday June 10, 19:00 at Art Cube Artists Studios, HaUman St. 26, floor 4. For more info, click here

Still from the performance-lecture, Paribartana Mohanty

Exhibition Opening: Pardes Graduate Show| A group exhibition featuring the work of the graduates from Pardes’ Art Program’s third cycle from their art program. This time, the graduate exhibition will be held for one week at the New Gallery Teddy. Exhibition Opening Monday June 10, 20:00 at New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here


Gallery Talk and Closing Event: Tree To Know | Tree To Know is a solo exhibition featuring the sculptures of Rachel Rotenberg. The artist’s abstract wooden sculptures represent both personal and national relationships. Each sculpture is a representation of the creative spiritual process, attempting to engage the viewer in a creative moment. Gallery Talk and Closing Event Tuesday June 11, 20:00 at the Art Shelter Gallery, Yehuda HaMaccabi St. 7. For more info, click here


Gallery Talk: Seeds of The Land | The age-old appeal of the world of plants takes on a special meaning in Israeli art, where artists grapple with the significance of local flora as symbols of cultural and national identity. The exhibition examines traditional scientific botanical drawings and their evolution in the works of contemporary Israeli artists, who engage with their predecessors and present their personal perspectives on the subject matter – at times political and critical, at times allegorical, and at times revealing a yearning for nature steeped in fear for its fate and for our own. Gallery Talk (in Hebrew) Wednesday January 12, 19:00 at The Ticho House, HaRav Agan St. 10. For more info, click here


Exhibition Opening: Jerusalem Design Week — East | From a city which is in itself a junction between the two oppositions, Jerusalem design week 2019 tackles the sensitive question of east. It does so not by rotating the view eastwards from a western vantage point, nor by looking at its past of cultural exchange and political conflict. In fact, it will not look TO the East, but AT the “East” – as a term, a direction, an absolute point of reference, and the set of relative relationships it generates globally. A future, not folklore. As such it will attempt, starting with the preconception and ending with the absolute, to diffuse the term through a series of exhibitions, projects, performances and installations, and an intense program of events. Join the festive opening of this wonderful event. Exhibition Opening Thursday June 13, 19:30 Gedliyahu Alon St. 14. For more info, click here


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