Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Methodology on Gothicism  | Gallery talk about Gothic literature, music, fashion and cinema in conjunction with the group exhibition “The Larva Society for Psychical Research”. The Society brings artworks by artists both living and dead together, applying transmitter forces to them—objects which enable communication between matter (the work of art) and anti-matter (the spiritual world). Gallery Talk Tuesday, July 9, 19:00 at Jerusalem Artists House, HaNaggid St. 12. For more info, click here


Exhibition Opening: Surrender to Landscape | A Landscape duet presenting the works of two artists Doron Adar (Israel) and Carlotta Alberti (Switzerland-Italy) who live and breathe nature. Through their art we get an opportunity to live with them in a sublime moment in an outdoor experience, to Surrender to Landscape. This duet of sand and snow creates a fascinating sensual experience. One through camera and the other through brushes. This exhibition will have two chapters. The first one in the heat of the Jerusalem summer, opening on the 11th of July in the Agripas 12 Gallery and the second chapter in the December cold of the Alpine Winter in the artistic space Laboratorio Artistico Carlotta Alberti in Valtourneche, Valle d’Aosta Italy. Exhibition Opening Thursday July 11, 20:00 at Agripas 12 Gallery, Agripas St. 12 (through the courtyard). For more info, click here.


Recommended: Barbur B&B | Each year, Barbur Gallery hosts a list of artists for their residency program, Barbur B&B. An artist a day spends 24 hours in the gallery — eating, sleeping, and working on a piece of art to install in the gallery. By the end of July, the entire gallery will be filled with a diverse display of artworks. Visitors are invited to check out the residency during the galleries open hours, where you can meet the artist, see them in action, and ask questions about their work! The residency participants come from various fields of art — plastic arts, music, dance. theater, performance, poetry, urban arts and critical writing. Exhibition Open Sun-Thurs 16:00-20:00, Fri 11:00-14:00  at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6. For a full schedule visit www.barbur.org.

65550662_10157461710199579_514272408996151296_oRecommended: Jerusalem Outline Festival | Dozens of participants from Israel and abroad take place in Jerusalem Outline Festival Illustration Week, celebrating the written and visual language of illustration. Animators, illustrators, poets, and storytellers. This week, twelve different exhibitions will be held and a variety of events will take place, examining the relationship between image and the world. For a full list of events (in Hebrew), click here


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