Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Looks Like Rain On Thursday |The exhibition is a meeting point between artists Michal Bonano and Amit Trainin, two veteran illustrators who, before this exhibition, met on a journey during which they interviewed each other, visited each other’s homes, talked about art and wonder if it would rain on Thursday. In order to explore the commonalities and differences in the experiences of the ‘place’ that shape their lives, they went on trips together. The exhibition at Beita presents a combination of sculptures, texts, drawings and paintings which connects their questions and answers between their trips, and daily sources of inspiration for each of them.  Gallery Talk with both artists onWednesday July 24, 20:00 at Beita Gallery. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: A Part of Us | This is the first performance work of Deniz Akural’s residency. For a month she will be staying at the gallery, documenting the city of Jerusalem and it’s people while recording herself in a blog. Akural’s main motivation is to create performance and installation works to connect with individuals to search different perspectives of self observation. Her work A Part of Us focuses around creating a personal observation between artwork and participators. Exhibition Opening Thursday July 25, 19:00 at Koresh Gallery, Koresh St. 14, entrance daled.For more info, click here. 


Recommended: Barbur B&B | Each year, Barbur Gallery hosts a list of artists for their residency program, Barbur B&B. An artist a day spends 24 hours in the gallery — eating, sleeping, and working on a piece of art to install in the gallery. By the end of July, the entire gallery will be filled with a diverse display of artworks. Visitors are invited to check out the residency during the galleries open hours, where you can meet the artist, see them in action, and ask questions about their work! The residency participants come from various fields of art — plastic arts, music, dance. theater, performance, poetry, urban arts and critical writing. Exhibition Open Sun-Thurs 16:00-20:00, Fri 11:00-14:00  at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6. For a full schedule visit www.barbur.org


Recommended: Unwillful Movement | The exhibition “Unwilful Movement,” which takes place at the Jerusalem Print Workshop as part of Musrara Mix 2019, confronts political, behavioral, and cultural patterns and their forced disruption that undercuts not only the present but also past and future. Pattern and disruption are at the basis of printmaking, which relies on matrix and its duplication but also calls for variations, surprise, and undermining. The exhibition consists of print works, video, photography and sculpture that unfold states of change and disruptions that are forced upon ways of life, on points of view and on visual forms, and their human, conceptual, and aesthetic outcomes. Exhibition on view until August 15 at The Jerusalem Print Workshop, Shivtei Israel St. 38. For more info, click here.



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