Weekly Highlights

Weekly (Summer) Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene

Jerusalem’s art scene is quiet this week – and since there are not many openings and/or gallery talks, here is a special list of recommended exhibitions for you to catch before the end of Summer in Jerusalem!


Ruth Kestenbaum  | An eclectic exhibition featuring the works of seasoned artist and painter Ruth Kestenbaum spanning her career from 1999-2019. On view until October by appointment at Art Space, HaZefira St. 5, German Colony. For more info click here,  to make an appointment email: artspace.jerusalem@gmail.com.

Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov, “Gal and The Girl with the Pearl Earring”

The Moon Is A Sun Returning As A Ghost | The first solo exhibition for the artist, this exhibition showcases old and newly produced works. Noor Abuarafeh’s practice has been concerned with the construction of canons whether institutional, art historical, or discursive. She creates intimate small histories around those who were pushed out to the outskirts of canons. On view until at Al Ma’Mal Gallery, Al-Jawalida St. 8, New Gate, Old City. For more info, click here.


Jerusalem — Self Portrait | The exhibition “Jerusalem – Self Portrait” brings together different people who though may be poles apart, share their lives in Jerusalem. The exhibition presents an impossible reality, documented by photographers living in Jerusalem, Arabs and Jews alike, fashion photographers as well as news photographers, working in all corners of the city. On view at Museum on the Seam, Chel Hadassa St. 4. For more info, click here.

Photo by Abir Sultan.

Modern Photography | From the broad scope of the Israel Museum’s photography holdings, this chronological display of photographs created between 1900 and 1945 presents the various facets of modernism through a flow of powerful images, together with a few focal points devoted to a single artist or phenomenon. Brief introductory notes appear at six stops along the gallery, and use of the exhibition’s audio-guide is recommended, since it offers in-depth analysis for many of the photographs. And as you take a close look at these images, perhaps ask yourself: what can a century-old photograph tell me about my own time? On view at The Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd. 12. For more info, click here.


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