Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Exhibition Opening: Last Trip In Jerusalem | Pop-up exhibition of the Brothers of Light, a pair of artists-brothers, Elena and Gav, operating in the city for over a decade. They were born and raised in Jerusalem, and from an early age were part of the skateboard scene in the city. When grown studied visual communications department at Bezalel, while there were street artists, they began to be pirated, but have become sellers, and now the underground creative side projects are welcome diverse and widespread in many places around the world. Exhibition Opening Tuesday September 17, 20:00 at Beita Gallery, Yafo St. 155. For more info, click here.

Brothers of Light- “We, the immigrants” פריז_2018__Lemur-אנחנו, המהגרים
Brothers of Light, “We The Immigrants”, Paris 2018.

Exhibition Opening: All of Them Must Go | “Que se vayan todos!” is a series of art interventions and an exhibition evoking and paying homage to the Argentinian civilian protests of late 2001, in which tens of thousands took to the streets across Argentina to protest the political, economic, and social situation in the country, resulting in changing the regime. Featuring the works of Sala-Manca group, in cooperation with Amir Boltzman and Ariel Armoni, Yeshayahu Rabinowitz , Dulce (Augusto Zaquetti and Gabi Luraschi) and Maya Shleifer. Exhibition Opening Tuesday, September 17, 17:00 at Mamuta Center, Gdaliyahu Alon St. 14. For more info, click here.

Sala-Manca’s joint work with Yeshaiau Rabinovitz – A picture of the work in progress.

Exhibition Opening: I, Monument | The exhibition unfolds three different models for an examination of the relationship between the human body, the passing time, and the site of memory. Rethinking commemoration as it is perceived in the local consciousness, in each of the featured works, the human body establishes a different attitude towards monuments. Exhibition Opening Friday September 20 11:00 at The New Gallery, HaAyin Het St. 9. For more info, click here.

הצעה לתפאורה, ניר הראל, 2019
Work by Nir Harel

Exhibition Opening: Elevation is a Double Edged Sword | Drawing inspiration from Moral Derfler’s “stage” works and their dialectical quality of elevating and lessening, the group exhibition explores the ways in which art turns the tables and puts those in power in anguish. Exhibition Opening Friday September 20 11:00 at The Morel Derfler Gallery, HaAyin Het St. 9. For more info, click here.

נורית ירדן, יונת שלום, 2014,
Nurit Yarden

Exhibition Opening: Re-Order | The group exhibition will bring graduates of Haifa’s MFA program there to Jerusalem! “Re-Order” reflects the shared desire of the participating artists to continue an intimate artistic connection they formed while studying together.  Exhibition Opening Saturday, September 21, 20:00 at New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here.

ציקי אייזנברג ,לנון 2019 (1)
Work by Tziki Eisenberg

Exhibition Opening: Biome |The new installation by artist Keren Gueller, which combines video, sculpture, light and sound,  addresses closed tourist and recreation sites: artificial “nature” or “landscape” environments where animals roam. Through these sites, Gueller seeks to examine the tension between the natural and the artificial, reality and illusion, and human interaction with this tension. And on a more general level – the relevance of truth and authenticity in the 21st century. Exhibition Opening Saturday, September 21, 20:00 at New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here.


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