Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Opening: Manofim Festival |Manofim Festival is a contemporary art festival that takes place annually in Jerusalem. The week long festival maps the city’s artistic work — featuring new exhibitions and art events. This year, the Manofim’s “Nurse, Nurse” will be displayed at the Bikur Cholim hospital. Other highlights of the festival include:  resident artists from Indonesia, Switzerland, USA and Lithuania, a full-day Jerusalem Art Conference, a full-length show from “Public Movement” for the first time in Jerusalem, and a series of artist appointments. Exhibition Opening Tuesday, October 29th, for the full Manofim schedule visit their website: www.manofim.org. 


Exhibition Opening: The Schneller Order |The Schneller compound has inspired residents and guests for over 150 years, since its founding as a Syrian Orphanage, a period as a military base, to its current site. Over the past few months, a group of Jerusalem artists have been working in this space. The artists who came together for The Schneller Order document, research, and finally bring the viewer face-to-face with layers that were repressed from memory. For only 3 days the artists will be creating works especially for the spaces alongside an exhibition of the site’s history and future plans. Visitors are invited to participate in the cycle of revealing and concealing of memory of the place. Exhibition Opening Thursday October 31, 9:00 at The Schneller Building, Malchei Israel St. 34. Closing Saturday, November 2nd. For more info, click here. 

Photo: Courtesy of Meydad Eliyahu.

Exhibition Opening: The 11th Sybil | Ten sibyls, pagan prophetesses, prophesized in the ancient world. In Christianity and in the history of art, the sibyls were compared to the Hebrew prophets and were associated with nature, intuition, a clear and extensive vision, and exceptionally long lives. This exhibition seeks to discover the eleventh sibyl, and foretell a contemporary feminine prophecy that naturally relates to the subjects of gender and feminism, but also to ecology, healing, religion, and culture. Alongside these, it wishes to add a broad universal dimension, perhaps even spiritual, to the feminist expression. Exhibition Opening Thursday October 31, 19:00 at Beita Gallery, Yafo St. 155. For more info, click here


Exhibition Opening: Working / Space  | The artist’s work environment has always been a common theme in art, especially in painting and drawing. Going out of one’s studio into the print workshop is usually a critical change in the artist’s ways of working. Instead of the familiar and intimate space, the artist is forced to work in a different space, with the help of the master-printers in preparing the print plates and in the many printing trials.It is no wonder that many artists have chosen to describe this strange environment as a new theme in their work.  Exhibition Opening Thursday October 31, 20:00 at Jerusalem Print Workshop, Shivtei Israel St. 38. For more info, click here. 

Nomi Tannhauser, “Feminine Metabolism”, soft ground aquatint, 2011.

Special Event: Artist Appointments |Artist’s Appointment invites you for an intimate a-formal 30-minute journey, during which you will get to know the process of the artist. This year, the event will center around the concept of “Dead End” – an unsettling situation that derails the artist’s studio work, often accompanied by a sense of helplessness and a longing for salvation. You will hear about exit solutions, collaborations formed as a result of disappointments, about discipline and self-practice as salvation practice, and how limitation can become the driving force for action.  Artist Appointments will take place on Friday, Nov. 1, 10:00-12:00 at two locations. Cost: 10NIS. Booking is required. For more info, click here. 

Photo by Dor Kedmi

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