Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Veiled Woman in the Holy Land | In the past two decades it has become increasingly common to see Jewish and Muslim women alike covering their entire body with several layers of shawls, wraps, and veils in adherence to strict laws of religion and modesty. To gain insight into the rationales behind this trend, women from the different religious groups were interviewed, yet the topic remains fraught with contradictions: do the multiple layers covering the woman’s body protect her or do they reflect centuries of oppression? The exhibition presents the attire of each group, photographs and texts, and a video work by art director and consultant Ari Teperberg offering a glimpse in the women’s private world. Gallery Talk Tuesday November 5, 19:00 at The Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd.12 For more info, click here. 


Catalogue Release: Working End Standing End | Working End Standing End is an exhibition offering physical, metaphysical, technological, and mythical ways of establishing visual archetypes which encode scientific knots – mathematical, chemical and physical – as well as metaphorical, historical, emotional and mental knots whose certainty is questionable at any given moment. Catalogue Release Event Friday November 8, 12:00 at Jerusalem Print Workshop, Shivtei Israel St. 38. For more info, click here.


Last Chance To See: This Rock and All The Remaining Others |Elena Rotenberg is the winner of the 2019 Osnat Mozes Painting Prize. Rotenberg’s paintings arouse curiosity, attesting to painterly intelligence rife with “street knowledge” and “studio wisdom.” They call upon the viewer to draw nearer and linger on the elusive details comprising their subjects, which are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. Seemingly banal, mundane scenes surrender great thought and a painterly dialogue with the “subject,” while every mise en scène/snapshot surrenders both detachment and belonging, both dissociation and fusion. Exhibition On View until Saturday November 9th at Jerusalem Artists House, HaNaggid St. 12. For more info, click here.

ילנה רוטנברג, עלהאש, 2018, אקריליק על בד, 100X100 Elena Rotenberg, Alaesh, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 100X100.

Recommended Exhibition: Rustle |In the exhibition Rustle, ten ceramic artists meet in one space, creating a world that originates in nature and its most basic elements — earth, water, fauna, flora, and sky. The ceramic works in this exhibition reflect on human nature and beliefs, with the tools of the ceramicist at the heart. Featuring Alon Gil, Meira Una, Batya Gil Margalit, Ronen Yamin, Nadav Druker, Gur Inbar, Cecilia Lind, Shani Reches, Noam, Clumeck, and Rachel Rothman Gargi. Exhibition On View until January 2nd at HaCubia, Kevin Yeshua St. 13. For more info, click here. 


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