Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Gallery Talk: Female Waters: Female Waters showcases figurative works by Chani Cohen Zada based on traditional oil painting techniques. The paintings tell the stories of biblical female figures through the interpretive lens of Midrashic and Kabbalistic writings, revealing the mysteries that lie hidden in the unique feminine power of these heroines. Gallery Talk Tuesday November 12th, 17:30 at Hechal Shlomo, King George St. 58. For more info, click here. 


Gallery Talk: Torah Ve Malacha | Torah U’Melacha has a stated purpose: to change the hegemonic narrative surrounding the foundation of Israeli art in Jerusalem by revisiting the Jerusalem Torah U’Melacha School.  The purpose of the school was to educate a generation of young Jewish tradesmen and craftsmen who would earn a decent living and not need to rely on charity. Opponents to Torah U’Melacha emerged from both extremes of the political spectrum. The exhibition offers a new and optimistic direction for the emerging artistic vision in the Clal Center as a continuation of the artistic practice of the Torah U’Melacha School, thus creating a new and revolutionary connection between the shopping center and contemporary artistic practice, between the old and the new. Gallery Talk Wednesday, November 6 19:00 at Binyan Cal Building, 97 Yafo St. For more info, click here. 


Exhibition Opening: Disorientation | The term orientation, finding ones position, originates in the Latin orientis or oriens, meaning “to shine” or “East,” to which ancient maps pointed. The exhibition is on view in the New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, a complex that stands aloof in terms of the city’s spread, severed from the fabric of the urban street life, neighborhood, and community. The works by the six participating artists engage in definitions of place and its relationship with its visual markers. They mark out a place while simultaneously subverting the possibility of orientation within it. Participating artists: Yael Burstein, Ran Slavin, Daniel Paley, Nira Pereg, Esther Schneider, Paz Sher.  Exhibition Opening Friday November 15th, 11:00 at The New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here.

Nira Pereg, Clare (from The Right to Clean), 2015, 4 channel video with sound, 16.02 mins. (3)
Nira Pereg, Clare (from The Right to Clean), 2015, 4 channel video with sound.

Gallery Talk: Heartbeat Seamstress | Artist Mazal Carmen’s technique combines scraps of paper by sewing them together with thread, which while it is hanging, leaves  the impression of an image of a skeleton surrounded by flesh that is transforming or melting away. Her images combine the imagined with the real, focusing on ‘inferior; materials such as toilet paper, which she burns, dyes, and sews for her projects. Gallery Talk Saturday November 16, 11:30 at Agripas 12 Gallery, Agripas St. 12. For more info, click here.


Last Chance to See: Thick | Thick is a group exhibition featuring the 11 members of Barbur Gallery. The exhibition incorporates sculpture, photography, video, drawing, sound, performance and painting. The title Thick refers the the variety of ways in which the artists experience their surroundings, the diverse fields they work in, and the circumstances around them— as well as the thick common space which with they work in. This general statement extends to different strata: thick as a situation that entails density; as a texture characterized by resistance to movement; a difficulty to comprehend or to get out of, a clouding of the possibility to see clearly. On view until Friday, November 18 12:00 at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6. For more info, click here. 


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