Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene 


Closing Event: The 11th Sybil |In Christianity and in the history of art, the sibyls were compared to the Hebrew prophets and were associated with nature, intuition, a clear and extensive vision, and exceptionally long lives. This exhibition seeks to discover the eleventh sibyl, and foretell a contemporary feminine prophecy that naturally relates to the subjects of gender and feminism, but also to ecology, healing, religion, and culture. Alongside these, it wishes to add a broad universal dimension, perhaps even spiritual, to the feminist expression. Closing Event Tuesday December 17th, 20:00 at Beita Jerusalem Yafo St. 155. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: In Print Art Book Fair |In Print Art Book Fair 2019 will take place at The Hansen House, a cultural hub and public home for creativity in the heart of Jerusalem. The In Print Art Book Fair is a lively three-day event, with the sale of over 300 art books, select merchandise, music, artist talks, and refreshments. Visitors to the fair can purchase art books, view, and collect from our special artist book section, and join in on our series of panel discussions and artist talks throughout the event. Exhibition Opening Wednesday Dec. 20th 19:00 at Hansen House, Dubnov St. 2. For more info, click here. 


Gallery TalkHovering Over the Deep | Installation and mixed media textile works and drawings by Chana Cromer. Gallery Talk Friday December 20th, 12:00 at Marie Gallery, Agripas 12 St. through the courtyard. For more info, click here. 


Gallery Talk: Dynamo | The exhibition Dynamo at Barbur Gallery is part of the 7th Biennale for drawing in Israel. It brings new works together originating in various modes of sculpture. All of them are based on an initial act of drawing followed by a response. The show focuses on the emergence of drawing in sculpture alongside volume, material, and form. The function of drawing in it is neither decorative nor superfluous; it constitutes the work, although it is not necessarily present at its starting point.Gallery Talk with curator Avi Kritzman, Friday December 20th 12:00, at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6. For more info, click here.


Gallery Talk & Tour: The Uncanny| Netta Lieber Sheffer, derived from Sigmund Freud seminal essay “The Uncanny”, presents oil paintings and chalk drawings of death masks. She fixates the moment of encounter with death, and thus capturing the remains of the memory through the reflection of the dead person in the mask. Gallery Talk and tour with the artist Friday December 20th, 11:00 at Museum on the Seam. For more info, click here.

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