Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s

Contemporary Art Scene

January 12- January 18 2020


Gallery Talk: A Journey Through Traces VII

Action Line the 7th Biennale for Drawing, does not focus on any specific surface or any affinity, whether negative or positive, to such a potential surface. In fact, it centers on the space itself—the sphere where the act of drawing takes place, and the traces it leaves on it. In this respect, the majority of the works in this biennale are devoid of a surface and do not maintain a relation between surface and action. Meeting with the curators of Traces VII: Action Line, The Seventh Drawing Biennale in Israel. Visitors to this event will have a tour through each of Drawing Biennale locations where they will hear from each curator. Gallery Talk Monday January 13th, starting at 13:00 at The Jerusalem Artists House, Shmuel HaNaggid St. 12. For more info, click here.


Gallery Talk: Rashomon

Curated by Batya Rozenk and Gabi Yair,  Rashomon is “an exhibition in the making”. Rashomon is named after the 150s film directed by Akira Kurosawa, written by Kurosawa and Shinobu Hashimoto,  in which a story cannot be verified because of conflicting evidence given by various speakers involved in the story. The group exhibition focuses on two-dimensional works bending a variety of references to the concept of drawing — in addition, the exhibition challenges its participants to change the versions of the other artists’  during the exhibition in light of their impression of the other artists’ impressions of drawing.  Gallery Talk with the artists and curators Thursday January 18th, 20:00 at Agripas 12 Gallery, Agripas St. 12 (through the courtyard). For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: Bikuurim II

Bikurim, in its second edition, is a bi-annual project aimed at encouraging the activity of young artists in Jerusalem. The project features work by eight art school graduates living and working in Jerusalem, whose lives are essentially tied to the city. Each work, spanning different mediums, seeks to leave a physical or suggestive impression on the viewer of the space, Teddy Stadium. Exhibition Opening Friday January 17th, 12:00 at New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Gate 22. For more info, click here.


Gallery Talk and Workshop: Observation of Beautiful Forms

A short tour of the exhibition Zaum Attack with artist Nino Binashvili and curator Hadas Glazer, and talk briefly about the language of Zaum and the art of futurism. At the beginning of the twentieth century a group of Russian artist and poets devised the language of Zaum. This was a futuristic language that was, among other things, an aesthetic expression of the revolutionary ideas that were taking shape during the final years of the Russia empire and the rise of the Soviet regime. Through the tour, we will get to know the materials used by Binashvili for works such as charcoal paper, film and reflectors, light-colored ink and the collage technique. Following this, the artist and curator will lead a unique workshop to create kaleidoscopes from recycled materials together, thus understanding the unique mechanism of the device which through light and mirrors creates a new and fragmented reflection of the familiar reality to the viewer. This meeting will allow a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the creative process and where ideas are born. Gallery Talk and workshop Saturday, January 18th, 11:00 at Art Cube Artists Studios, HaUman St. 26, floor 3. For more info and registration click here.


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