Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Exhibition Opening: Journey

A solo show featuring the works of Linda Lief Altabef, an artist  widely exhibited in both in the United States and Israel. The show presents an exploration of the collective memories of the places we retain in our subconscious. Exhibition Opening Wednesday March 4, 18:00 at the Municipal Art Gallery, Yafo St. 17. For more info about the artist, click here.

Abandoned City 4 Ink on rice paper 8cm x 68cm 2017
Linda Lief Altabef, Abandoned City, ink on rice paper.

Gallery Talk: Shutters and Stairs 

Architecture, from its grand manifestations to its small, intimate details, shapes our physical environment. In this architecturally designed space, we move about habitually, without paying close attention to what is around us, without actively gazing at our surroundings. Architecture is always in the back of our consciousness. Each of the works in the exhibition offers an encounter with such an element and with the conceptual underpinnings of its transposition from real life to the context of art. Presented in the gallery space, the shutter, window handle, and stairs – whose dimensions correspond to the human body – invite us to take a closer look, as though they have burst out from the unconscious realm of quotidian existence and are demanding our undivided attention. Gallery Talk Wednesday March 4, 12:00 at the Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd. 12. Tickets to museum required. For more info, click here. 

Installation by Renata Lucas

Gallery Talk: Between Commercial and Community-Based Curating

Ofra Haram is an Independent curator, graduate of Beit Berl Art College and the New School NY. She curated and managed the Hezi Cohen Gallery for seven years, as well as the Tabi Dresdner Gallery. In this session Harnam will talk about her professional career as a curator and the motivation behind transforming  from a commercial  gallery curator  to curating community-based art projects. Preceding this, the gallery will host ​Dr. Daiva Citvariene and Dr. Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė (two Kaunas 2022 curators) who will meet with local artists (16:00). Gallery Talk Wednesday March 4, 18:00 at Art Cube Artists Studios, HaUman st. 26. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: Ten Years of Studio of Her Own

A retrospective exhibition of the 10 years of creating Studio of Her Own featuring the works of some of the studio residencies first artists. Studio of Her Own is both a space and a community for Jerusalem women artists. The Studio supports leading, unique art by women with the goal of encouraging multicultural discourse on contemporary art, facilitating a place for making art and mutual sharing of ideas, impacting the art field in Israel and abroad. Thursday March 5, 18:00 at Studio of Her Own, Kav Set November 10. For more info, click here.


Gallery Talk: That We’ve Forgotten The Rain

The conceptual point of departure for Itamar Mendes-Flohr’s first solo exhibit is the water cisterns at Hansen House in Jerusalem. These cisterns served from the early days of the Jesus Hilfe Lepers’ Hospital (mid-nineteenth century) as a source of freshwater for treatment of the hospital’s patients and for watering the trees and plants of the compound’s autarchic farm. The exhibit transforms the spaces of the Mamuta Art and Research Center into a laboratory for artistic research about the connection between water and stone(from which the walls of the cisterns are made), motion, and light. Gallery Talk Friday March 6, 12:00 at Mamuta Art and Media Center, Hansen House, Gdlaiyahu Alon St. 14. For more info, click here.

Itamar Mendes Flohr Hansen House Mamuta

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