Online Highlights

Online Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Jerusalem Biennale | Talks Online

In this series of online talks, Ram Ozeri will converse with artists and curators from around the world. The goal of the series is to try and understand where artists are at right now, what are they working on, how does COVID19 and social distancing effect their work, what is their general view on the situation (including the way COVID19 effects the political situation in their country) and what do they project regarding the post-pandemic contemporary art world.

This week’s schedule:

Andi LaVine Arnovitz (Jerusalem, Israel), Sunday May 3, 9:00pm
Jaqueline Nicholls (London, UK), Monday May 4, 9:00pm
Andrea Sòcrati (Ancona, Italy), Tuesday May 5, 9:00pm
Andrea Ausztrics (Budapest, Hungary), Wednesday May 6, 9:00pm
Yonatan Ullman (Tel Aviv, Israel), Thursday May 7, 9:00pm

Screened on Facebook LIVE via Jerusalem Biennale Facebook Page. 


Art Cube Artists Studios | Curatorial Visit with Metal Aviram

Meital Aviram is an independent curator who lives in Tel Aviv, and the founder of Third Floor on the Left — a seasonal project in a residential environment, which consists of exhibitions, events, and artist residencies. Aviram will discuss Life Chapters, the second season of Third Floor on the Left. Life Chapters, unlike its previous iteration, was a linear group exhibition consisting of five exhibitions — these came together around the shared living and blurring of the division between the artist and the curator, as well as the living space and the display space, demanding a “real” relationship.

Wednesday May 6th, 18:00. The event will be broadcast via Zoom (link posted day of the event) and Facebook Live via Art Cube Artists’ Studios Facebook page.

Itamar Stamler, The Thinning Veil, 2019, installation Third Floor on the Left, Season 1.

In Print JLM | Online Zine Workshop

Want to make a zine of your own? Join a Zine Workshop led by In Print founders Danielle Gorodenzik and Jenna H. Romano. Grab paper, scissors, some markers or colored pencils, think about a topic for your zine, and get started!

Thursday May 7th, 19:00. Streamed on Instagram live via @inprintjlm. 


The Virtual Salon  | Explore Jerusalem Galleries Online

The Virtual Salon is a platform for 3D and VR content dedicated to art. The archive of exhibitions enables Jerusalem art and cultural institutions to invite digital visitors from around the world to interact with their space and see exhibitions and vents long after they’ve been taken down.

Explore Virtual Salon here. 

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