Gallery Tours

Guided gallery tours of Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene.

The contemporary art scene in Jerusalem is hidden and dispersed, ranging from large, established galleries to smaller underground projects. Living amongst the city’s many layers of intensity, Jerusalem’s engaging contemporary art scene offers insight into the modern cultural dialogue present in today’s ‘holy city’—one concentrated with innovation, setting itself apart from other art scenes around the world.



CAIJ custom gallery tours take visitors to the best art venues, public art sites and exhibitions in Jerusalem. Guided by artistic discussion and interpretation, CAIJ guest will learn about contemporary art through the eyes of our professional guides, artists and curators along the way.


CAIJ tour options & prices

LEVEL 1 // 2 Hour Tour 

Visit 4 diverse local galleries where we will view and discuss current exhibitions. Meet with an artist or curator and view local street art highlights along the way!

LEVEL 2 // 3 Hour Tour 

In addition to visiting local galleries and street art highlights, we’ll have an extended visit in 1-2 artist studios where get one-on-one time with local professional artists. Same experience, more in depth! It is possible to visit a section of the Israel Museum for one hour in place of 1-2 gallery visits (museum entrance not included).

LEVEL 3 // 5 Hour Tour

Visit to 1-2 sections in the Israel Museum, 3 diverse local galleries and 1-2 artist studios. Spend your day immersing in Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene. Museum entrance not included.

STREET ART TOUR // 1.5 Hour Tour 

Discover Jerusalem’s unique street art scene in diverse neighborhoods around the city!


Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. 

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