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Gallery Tour in Jerusalem: Manofim’s “Properties”



Join CAIJ for a contemporary art gallery hop in Jerusalem!

**We are excited to offer a special tour of part of the Manofim Festival! Manofim is an annual contemporary art festival in Jerusalem that is open for one week only — this year celebrating their tenth anniversary!

Join us for a tour (in English) of Manofim’s main exhibition, a large group show spanning several locations throughout the Talbiyeh neighborhood of Jerusalem titled “Properties”. Complimentary wine will be served!

**About the exhibition:

The main exhibition of the 2018 Manofim Festival will take place in Talbiya neighborhood, located in the heart of Jerusalem, on the edge of the city center. Talbiya is a beautiful neighborhood. Green, well-groomed and quiet. Outwardly, it looks like a drowsy and comfortable suburb. But in fact, the neighborhood consists of many layers that store diverse historical narratives.

Properties will be held in several buildings throughout the neighborhood – both private homes and public buildings, and aim to set in motion a reflexive process centered on Talbiya, its institutions, and buildings. The exhibition sets out at the contradictions contained in the neighborhood’s DNA from its nascence and point to the blind spots that hamper its residents and visitors. Through various art actions, the exhibition will introduce critical questions that call for a reexamination of this exceptional, multi-faceted space whose residents may have come see as mundane and banal.



DATE: Friday, November 9th
TIME: 11:00-13:00
MEETING SPOT: Van Leer Institute, 43 Jabotinsky St.
Registration is required, Email or click here