Private Tours

Private guided tours of Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene

The contemporary art scene in Jerusalem is hidden and dispersed, ranging from large, established galleries to smaller underground projects.  Jerusalem’s engaging contemporary art scene offers insight into the modern cultural dialogue present in today’s ‘holy city’—one concentrated with innovation, setting itself apart from other art scenes around the world.

Explore Jerusalem’s art scene in a fun and accessible way with one of our curated private tours, guided by experts in the field! 

Suggested tour options
2-3 hours

May include visits to local galleries, artist studios, and/or street art along the way. Customizable according to your tastes and time availability. 

2-3 hours

Tour includes visits to local artist studios. On this tour we will have intimate time with Jerusalem based artists who suit your artistic interests and tastes. We will have the opportunity to view their collection of works in the studio see current work in its raw stages.


1.5-3 Hours

A tour of the Israel Museum which may include a visit the Israeli art section, sculpture garden, and/or current contemporary exhibitions. Book now.

1.5-3 Hours

Tour a diversity of outdoor art in Jerusalem — murals, sculptures, gardens and sometimes even outdoor performance art — made by contemporary and modern Israeli and international artists. 

5 Hours

Combine any two of the above tours and immerse yourself in Jerusalem’s art scene!

Don’t see the tour you want? We can customized something special just for you!

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Tour cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.