For your pleasure, a short list of galleries and museums in the city of Jerusalem:


The Artists House

12 Shmuel haNagid St.

Current exhibition: Gatherer/Non functional display, 16.5.15 – 8.8.15

Barbur Gallery

6 Shirizli St.

Current exhibition: Opening

Betzalel 7 Image Room

7 Betzalel St. (Inside Designer of the City)

Current exhibition: Memtzah Sheveh, 7.9.15 – 13.8.15

Agripas 12 Gallery

12 Agripas St.

Current exhibition: 12.7.15 – 22.8.15

City Center

Vision, Neil Folberg Gallery

18 Yosef Rivlin St.

Current exhibition: Ongoing photography exhibition, various artists


Hansen House

14 Gadliyahu Alon St.

Current exhibition:


Jerusalem Print Workshop

38 Shivtei Israel St.

Current exhibition: Sadna 1, 9.7.15 – 6.9.15


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