Art Tours in Jerusalem

The contemporary art scene in Jerusalem is a hidden gem —  living amongst the city’s many layers. The local contemporary art scene offers insight into the central cultural dialogue present in today’s modern Jerusalem.

Discover Jerusalem’s contemporary art through the eyes of our professional guides, artists and curators along the way. Our art tours are designed to expose visitors to the best art venues, public art sites, artist studios and exhibitions in Jerusalem.




“Jenna’s tours are a great introduction to the contemporary art scene of Jerusalem. If you can, do her Biennale tour this week. This is the 3rd Biennale for Jrslm and the venues hold a wide variety of artists from Israel and around the world on cutting edge themes related to contemporary Jewish life and ideas.”Shelley Bogen

Shelley Bogan

“I just took a second tour with CAIJ and this time was part of the Jerusalem Biennale. Not only is Jenna incredibly knowledgeable, it is great the way she helps the group to interpret the exhibitions. I also loved getting to meet one of the artists and hearing from him his ideas behind creating his art and what reactions it he hoped it would evoke from people when they interacted with his art. I highly recommend taking a CAIJ tour as a great way to see the contemporary art scene in Jerusalem. – Debbie Kandel


Debbie Kandel

“CAIJ tour is a must for anyone who appreciates art and is interested in meeting talented and influential artists. I personally loved the tour, the guide and the personalized experience in Jerusalem’s contemporary scene” – Daniela Engelberg

Daniela Engelberg