Art Tours in Jerusalem

The contemporary art scene in Jerusalem is a hidden gem —  living amongst the city’s many layers. The local contemporary art scene offers insight into the central cultural dialogue present in today’s modern Jerusalem.

CAIJ art tours are perfect for those visitors to Jerusalem who are interested in exploring the city’s contemporary art scene. Our tours are designed to guide visitors through the eclectic art galleries, studios, museums, and public art sites in Jerusalem, using an exciting and accessible approach. Discover Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene through the eyes of our professional guides, local artists, and other professionals in the field. 

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Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene Exhibition Opening: The End of The World Festival |It’s not really the end of the world, only the of the academic year. This exhibition features final projects from first year students at Bezalel Academy’s Fine…


“Our guide Jenna’s intimate knowledge of the collections and their artists was impressive and her grasp of art and excitement for the Jerusalem contemporary art scene inspired me. With Jenna’s expertise and guiding skills, I was able to appreciate and understand the Jerusalem’s art scene on a deeper level. ” – Tikva Fialkoff

“These tours are a great introduction to the contemporary art scene of Jerusalem.”Shelley Bogen

“CAIJ tour is a must for anyone who appreciates art and is interested in meeting talented and influential artists. I personally loved the tour, the guide and the personalized experience in Jerusalem’s contemporary scene” – Daniela Engelberg