Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Exhibition Opening: The Moon is a Sun Returning as a Ghost | The first solo show for artist Noor Abuarafeh, this exhibition showcases old and newly produced works. Abuarafeh’s practice has been concerned with the construction of canons whether institutional, art historical, or discursive. She creates intimate small histories around those who were pushed out to the outskirts of canons. Exhibition Opening Monday August 5, 18:00 at Al Ma’Mal, Al-Jawalida St. 8. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: And Outside Depends on the World on the Inside |An exhibition of photography, poetry and other texts Brough to you by the Human Resources Center. Curated by Itai Akirov and Amit Man.  Exhibition Opening Monday August 5, 19:00 at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 8. For more info, click here. 


Exhibition Opening: The Edges | The Edges exhibition, which joins Hamiffal display, is the product of personal journeys experienced by the artists in the work process in relation to the place. Each of the artists met the place differently and at a different time, some came through the open call and others accompanied us for a while. From their point of view, they connected with the structure, its roots, and the ground on which it stands and went to roam the spaces on the border between fantasy and extravagant. In their works, they send the viewer a message from the other side. We are proud to present the new layer artists: Niv Friedman, Noa Arad Yairi, Michal Aharoni, Leah Weiss, Yali Reichert and Yuly Zakai, Neta Arbeli and Yoram Ginzburg. Exhibition Opening Thursday August 8, 20:30 at HaMiffal, HaMaaravim St. 3. For more info, click here.

67612383_2985822724824252_5439522307393454080_o Gallery Talk & Event: Four Funerals and an Exhibition | An evening of movie screenings and gallery talks corresponding with the view and current exhibition Then Suddenly Forever by artists Eiv Kristal and Nurit Dreamer, curated by Salamanca. Nurit and Eiv approach Mamuta as the venue for the reconstruction of their personal childhood stories, which coincide emotional albeit physically taking place apart. They blow up a single documentary moment into a sequence of semi-fictional scenes organized cinematically. Gallery Talk and Event Thursday, August 8, 20:00 at Hansen House, Gdlyahu Alon St. 4. For more info and schedule of movie screenings, click here. 


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