Open Call: HaCubia’s Salon of Painting

HaCubia’s biannual Salon of Painting is back!

HaCubia, a quaint contemporary art gallery and art school in Jerusalem, is ready for it’s second biannual Salon of Painting, HaCubia Salon 2017—and the directors are holding an open call for artists to submit paintings for the exhibition!

During the last week of October 2017, selected paintings will fill the space of HaCubia  from floor to ceiling in the spirit of the Salon de Paris—transforming the gallery into a unique platform to display of a wide range of paintings. During the exhibition, the gallery will hold special events and lectures celebrating the historical and contemporary meanings of The Salon.

The 2017 HaCubia Salon is a continuation of the previous Salon in 2015 and will become a biannual tradition at the gallery. More than 150 paintings by artists currently working in Israel were exhibited in HaCubia Salon 2015, which opened during the Manofim Contemporary Art Festival in Jerusalem. Participants included well-known painters at the height of their career alongside of emerging artists and the exhibition drew in hundreds of visitors, arousing great interest and media coverage.

Submission criteria:

  • Only works from 2015-2017 will be considered.
  • Only paintings! No drawings/prints/collages/photgraphs.
  • It is recommended to submit works in a variety of sizes—small, medium and large.

The submission process:

Send the following to

  • Please send 3-10 images of the original paintings.
  • Images should be high quality JPG or PNG format images.
  •  Attach a list of the works, including title, technique, dimension and year.
  • Attach a short CV.
  • You may add, in addition, a website link to the e-mail.

Deadline: 1 July 2017. Submissions may be sent in starting immediately.  Participants will be notified of acceptance by the end of August 2017. Good luck! | Facebook | Instagram: @@hacubia

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