Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights in Jerusalem’s Contemporary Art Scene


Exhibition Opening: Barbur B&B | Every year, Barbur Gallery hosts a list of artists for their residency program, Barbur BNB. An artist a day spend 24 hours in the gallery — eating, sleeping, and working on a piece of art to install in the gallery. By the end of July, the entire gallery will be filled with a diverse display of artworks. Visitors are invited to check out the residency during the galleries open hours, where you can meet the artist, see them in action, and ask questions about their work! The residency participants come from various fields of art — plastic arts, music, dance. theater, performance, poetry, urban arts and critical writing. Exhibition Opening Monday, July 1, 16:00 at Barbur Gallery, Shirizli St. 6. For a full schedule visit www.barbur.org.


Gallery Talk: Veiled Women of The Holy Land | In the past two decades it has become increasingly common to see Jewish and Muslim women alike covering their entire body with several layers of shawls, wraps, and veils in adherence to strict laws of religion and modesty. The exhibition presents the attire of each group, photographs and texts, and a video work by art director and consultant Ari Teperberg offering a glimpse in the women’s private world. Together, they invite viewers to grapple with these questions – and answer them in their own personal way. Gallery Talk Tuesday, July 2nd at 19:00 at Israel Museum, Ruppin Blvd. 12. *The gallery talk is in Hebrew and an entrance ticket to the museum is required.  For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: Barefoot Homeland | Exhibition opening and artist’s Talk by Chanan Mazal, whose paintings examine Israeli songs, and how they reflect our evolving identity and values. Mazal’s works depict layers of decoration and paint with strong messages and expressionistic images. Exhibition Opening Thursday July 4, 20:00 at Kol Haot, Hutzot HaYotzer, Jerusalem. For more info, click here.


Exhibition Opening: Looks Like Rain on Thursday |The exhibition is a meeting point between artists Michal Bonano and Amit Trainin, two veteran illustrators who, before this exhibition, met on a journey during which they interviewed each other, visited each other’s homes, talked about art and wonder if it would rain on Thursday. In order to explore the commonalities and differences in the experiences of the ‘place’ that shape their lives, they went on trips together. The exhibition at Beita presents a combination of sculptures, texts, drawings and paintings which connects their questions and answers between their trips, and daily sources of inspiration for each of them. Exhibition Opening Friday July 5, 13:00 at Beita Gallery, Yafo St.155. For more info, click here.


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